Since 1995, our firm has stood out in various business sectors with a strong presence in the residential field. Our talent for design and our technical know-how allow us to carry out complex renovation, restoration and rehabilitation projects, many of which involve heritage buildings.

Regardless of the scale of your project and the extent of your ideas, our mission will be to offer you our very best: design and construction that come together through substance, function and beauty.

Because we sincerely believe that your environment should make you happy.

1. Collaboration

Maintaining open lines of communication is key! We offer our professional services through a constant dialogue with our clients. We understand the importance of being available for you and attentive to your needs. Your ideas are our fuel. We will help you see clearly and organize everything moving forward.

2. Added Value

Our mission is to create with you timeless and functional spaces that resemble you. We always aim for an intelligent and thoughtful balance of textures, materials and light that align your aesthetic, economic and cultural needs. We are professionals who will make the most of your investment by seeking to maximize its potential.

3. Aiming for Excellence

We are a knowledgeable team with a common passion: innovation! You will have peace of mind and live a unique experience thanks to sound management and high-quality work. With VÉZINA architectes, you are in good hands!


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