Métamorphose d’une maison de ville sur la rue Victoria

Catégories: Résidentiel

Maison de ville traditionnelles Montréalaise se refait une beauté et s’ouvre vers l’extérieur

Témoignage du client:

Montreal , June 20 2014

Hi Catherine

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the team of Vezina Architectes for the amazing work done at my house in Westmount.

It was truly spectacular to see the transformation of my grey stone.  What is amazing is the element of surprise that people experience when they walk into my house.  When you walk into the typical grey stone you expect a traditional narrow long house with small windows. Instead a « wow » element greets as you are surprised by the gorgeous windows and open space framed by the luscious trees in the back yard – so many people that have walked into my house have had that very wow moment – the trees are the artwork !

Another thing that I appreciated was that you were able to give me practical advice on the space that I already had rather that get into the costly realm of expanding the house.  It is amazing how much bigger and more functional my space is with the reconfiguration of the square footage I already had and those spectacular windows.  One can only realize how spectacular the transformation is when you see what it looked like before!

As a friend told me – this is a master’s thesis on space and on the combination of modernity while respecting the character and age of the house ! – there are modern elements but you still live enveloped by the rich history of the house.

I found the staff very professional, knowledgeable and able to expertly guide us through the process; great suggestions, options, great taste and always willing to help if there was something we needed.  All in all the process was seamless.

Thank you for giving me such a refuge, full of warmth, character and an extraordinary place to call home !


Penny Mancuso


Centre Phi