V+T_Portraits_Catherine_128x170Catherine Vézina
architect OAQ, AAPPQ, Partner

“I love to do things well.”

For over 25 years, Catherine has worked on commercial as well as residential projects. Nothing is more rewarding to her than infusing an existing building with new life. She excels at working within technical and stylistic constraints in the recycling of historical buildings. Be it heritage, traditional or modern architecture, Catherine always applies the same principles: first, clarity in design, and second, the use of classical lines and materials that reveal their natural beauty through careful detailing.

V+T_Portraits_054_Elsa_F_128x170Elsa Leblanc

“Make a place out of a space, down to the last detail.”

V+T_Portraits_052_Stephanie_F_128x170Stéphanie Duquette
Technical Drafting

“It’s fascinating to follow an idea through to its realisation.”

Jean-Christophe_VJean-Christophe Vézina
Architectural Technologist

“I thrive to express the architects’ concepts into technical drawings and see our combined efforts materialize themselves during construction.”


Marielisa Delgado

“For an architectural work to be beautiful, all elements must have an exactness of situation, dimensions, shapes and colors.”


Stéphanie Lamenta

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Sophie_MSophie Migneault
Administrative Assistant

“A well-managed office for well-managed projects.”

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