A personal touch


We are a boutique architecture and interior design firm, which means we want to stay small. You’ll always be working with our senior designers and be part of the process, while we maintain a hands-on approach for the duration of your project. We are your choice for commercial, institutional and residential projects.

We work with corporate clients to create workable, loveable spaces.
We work on residential projects, in historical or contemporary styles.
We work with schools and universities to create effective pedagogical solutions.
We work with research laboratories that have special needs.

In 2013, we marked our 10-year anniversary. Since opening our doors, we’ve been backed by the same long-standing team. With that sort of collective intelligence, we’re able to handle the most complex of challenges and ensure the highest standards of quality.

Our clients recognize the value of strong beginnings and exemplary results. They recognize that beauty and budgets can live in harmony. Repeat clients are our proof of success.

Why work with Vézina Architectes

1. Expert people skills

We maintain open lines of communication with all parties: clients, suppliers, city officials and contractors. We keep you involved in the process, keep your project moving forward and over the hurdles, and get it completed on time and on budget.

2. Strong concept:
the “wow factor”

We bring the “wow factor” to your project: something unanticipated and fresh in approach and result. Concept aligns the design team, flows through the construction process and culminates in functional, liveable art.

3. Technical savvy

We don’t cut corners. An intrinsic knowledge of materials and assemblies allows us to follow through to the last detail so your project will stand the test of time.